BTL landlords plan to stay in the sector

Female landlord looking at her rental properties

Despite bracing themselves for an 80% increase in the cost of borrowing, buy-to-let (BTL) landlords remain optimistic as over half intend to buy more property in the next five years according to a survey1. 

Meeting increased tenant demand  

With only 21% of mortgaged landlords expecting to sell property, many are hopeful that supply will begin to meet the increased demand for rental properties. Kate Davies of IMLA commented, “It is a great relief that so many plan to stay in the sector and increase supply when they can.” 

Making the most of lower prices 

BTL landlords are not only motivated by the rising demand from tenants – in another study2, 34% of those with plans to buy said they were driven by the fall in asking prices. This is particularly prominent in areas where property is not usually as expensive, such as the Midlands. 

Others proceeding with caution  

Not everyone is so keen to build their property portfolio, with 43% not looking to buy in 2024. The higher interest rates have acted as a deterrent, as has the much anticipated and delayed Renters (Reform) Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament before it can pass into law. 

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Some Buy to Lets are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

1IMLA, 2023 

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