Protecting your home against storms this winter

Antoni and Agnes, Betty and Babet – all were names of storms in 2023. With climate change making extreme weather increasingly common, it is important to be prepared – particularly as the average claim for storm damage is over £3,0001. But what steps can you take to protect your home? 

Precautionary measures 

  • Secure or put away any items that could blow away, such as garden furniture 
  • Park vehicles a safe distance from fences, walls and trees 
  • Ensure all doors and windows are firmly shut. 

Insurance is key 

The most important thing to do is take out appropriate home insurance. Most policies will cover you for some level of wind and storm damage, however it is important to read the small print as there are limitations – for many insurers, winds need to hit a certain speed before it can officially be considered a storm. 

After damage is done 

Most home insurance will cover you in the event of roof damage, frozen pipes, and wind or water damage. It is important to contact your provider as soon as possible – many insurers have 24-hour helplines for this purpose. Take photos and do not move anything unless it is a hazard – this will all help support your claim. 

Contact us to arrange appropriate cover for you and your home., 2023 

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