Respect your retirement (planning)

Mature couple in kitchen, man on laptop, wife cooking, making retirement plans

According to research1, 90% of people currently in their 30sand 40s are saving less than they need to sustain a decent standard of living in retirement. The researchers established that the current generation of pensioners is doing better than any previously, although they did conclude that future generations won’t fare as well. 

It seems many employees are saving very little for retirement, with 60% of middle-earning private sector employees who contribute to a pension, saving under 8% of their earnings. Especially concerning though is the fact that fewer than one-in-five self-employed workers are saving into a pension. 

Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, who conducted the research, commented, “Despite the number of self-employed people growing considerably, many fewer of them are saving in a pension. Most private sector workers are left having to manage considerable risks – not least over how long their retirement will be – which for many will be incredibly difficult to balance well.” 

The big picture 

Current rules allow you take money from your pension at age 55 (57 from 2028), but you may not have enough in your pension pot to make this a viable option. Remember though – even small contributions, made regularly, can help boost your pension pot and you’ll get tax relief too. 

Discussing your options with us can give you the bigger picture and help you to be realistic with your plans. We can help you to plan for an enjoyable and fulfilling retirement, whatever your circumstances. 

1IFS, 2023 

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