The right insurance for home improvements

Are you considering giving your property a new lease of life with a renovation? When undertaking large-scale projects, there is a lot to think about – and the impact on your home insurance should be part of this planning.

Before you start work

As well as seeking any necessary planning permission, producing detailed plans and choosing your contractors, an early priority should be to contact your home insurer. This is because, if you don’t tell your insurance provider about your building work, such as adding an extension, you could accidentally invalidate your policy.

Risks and rewards

There are two main risks associated with renovation projects that your insurer will need to consider:

  • Structural risks – Knocking down walls could cause unexpected damage or an accident. And structural work could expose your home to the elements for long periods of time, potentially putting it at risk of damage
  • Security risks – During building work, your home may be less secure. If you temporarily move out, scaffolding can make intruder access easier. With a lot of tradespeople coming and going, there is a risk that doors and windows could be left open.

The first step should be to contact your insurer to check if your home will be covered and to find out whether you’ll need additional or specialist cover for it to be fully protected.

Rebuild costs

Remember too that building work, such as an extension, will likely increase how much it would cost to rebuild your home, meaning that you may need a higher level of home insurance cover.


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